Spot welding electrodes

Accessories spot welding electrodes

In our product range you will find a comprehensive selection of standard electrodes.

Standard electrodes
Spot welding electrodes, plate electrodes, ball electrodes,
bent electrodes, angle electrodes, bar electrodes,
swinging electrodes, vice electrodes, round electrodes,
electrode caps, screw electrodes, electrodes shafts,
electrode holders, angle electrode holders, electrode arms
reducing cones, electrode adapters etc.


Electrodes for welding nuts
With pins of advanced ceramics M3 to M16
for sheet metal hole Ø 4,5 to 16,8mm
>> Data sheet (PDF)


Electrodes for welding screws
With sleeves of advanced ceramics M4 to M12
>> Data sheet (PDF)


Angle electrode holder
Angle electrode holder
straight or angled
>> Data sheet (PDF)


Move electrode holder
Clamping holder with electrode arm
straight or angled
for receiving electrodes or electrode caps


standard electrode-rolls
special electrode-rolls


Special electrodes and tools
simple special electrodes for weld nuts, screws, bolts, slices etc.
adapted to the particular situation


Detailed information can be found in our ACCESSORIES-CATALOGUE.
>> CATALOGUE - D Download (PDF 6,5MB)